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What's up?

So many people have been asking me what I've been up to since I've been back from my travels… well one thing’s for sure, I've been keeping busy!

After traveling out to Honduras for my divemaster, a few paragliding experiences, discovering Guatemala and its gems of culture, art, landscape and magic, and exploring Mexico's Mayan Yucatan area, I've returned to Montreal. It took me 3 weeks to settle into a new reality of being welcomed by my family and my pooch…

Unfortunately, Kouchoulou the pooch has developed 2 heart murmurs at the 3rd degree and is presently on meds twice daily, but still full of beans and very calm and loving when he isn't going crazy of excitement of getting extra cuddles from huests and patrons.

I’ve managed to find my way amongst my stored boxes, looked for apartments, stopped and started again. Somehow the universe sent me signs and guided me to a space I would never have considered, in a good way. I have now moved into a beautiful gem of an area, with 2 treatment rooms and a space great for receiving guests, colleagues, clients and workshops and personal care.

Since I've been back, I have been pleasantly surprised to have so many blessings reconnecting. Despite thinking I might have lost my touch, people still manage to touch my heart. I have worked from 2 different offices previously just to be able to receive my old clients. But when you've traveled for almost 6 months and you come back to cold, no stable space, and all you want is grounding and stability, somehow you learn to find grounding and stability from within yourself. You use the practices, tools and resources to stabilize and strengthen.  It requires creativity and adaptation, somewhat of a switch back to reality, but with more power, more conviction, more trust, more determination to set intentions for life to guide you, as the wind always does so well when we listen to its whispers. So I trusted, I bit my tongue, managed, integrated and discovered strength in me I had previously used sparingly.

Or so it seems now... My business, thankfully still fulfilling me, is in service of others by reconnecting them to their body and even inner being in some cases. Witnessing the relief, the sparkling bright eyes, the calm gentle side smile on their face and hearing the progression of their wellbeing through time has given me so much more than just a pay check. It has given me trust in humanity, made me humble, worked my communication and listening skills, built trustworthy bonds, and created opportunities of expansion and growth. It has brought me many blessings of beautiful stories, losses, challenges, and lessons. 

To witness someone grounding is a blessing, as it feels like they realign with their center of gravity. It is magical to notice the reconnecting moments with a part they had forgotten to allow space to be.

I have set up a website, applied to the Concordia coaching program, have been accepted and will be starting soon a full year program as well as progressing on the 4th cranio sacral level class. All the while, I try to manage my attention between an airbnb, family dynamics, work, classes, physical,emotional and spiritual well being, all while moving into a completely new space.

I have been busy developing my acting skills and performing presence. I have also started programming a set of workshops about the basic education I believe people should have access to which can help our bodies help us. This will include everything from why the feet are so important, to how to help the different systems of the body (lymphatic, digestive, etc.) beginner partner massage, breath work, meditation practice, and so much more... I have dreamed of this moment in the past, and I am manifesting and creating what has been in the works for so long.

When you work and play hard, you learn hard. And this trip, this created life and the turns its taking have all been challenging but welcomed. I have been swimming in a sea of changes for about 1 year now. I have never worked so hard or so much, but also never with so much passion and conviction.

By cultivating our presence in our body, mindfully allowing the feeling of the messages and taking care of them as they arise rather than waiting until we break down can really be of benefit. Here's to keeping on going and shooting for the stars.

Oh by the way I have a podcast I started as I was about to leave Montréal. There some great stories and powerful lessons to gain and maybe even practice to add a little more love, heal the soul, allow our imaginations and minds to open into different worlds to allow inspiration and intuition push to create more opportunities of fulfillment on different levels and subjects.

Thanks for taking a minute to tune in!

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