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Life throws many surprises at us, and while we cannot predict the outcome of any situation, we can manage our responses to them.

I have had the privilege of working with talented professionals that have not only helped me personally, but have been able to assist patrons with specialized care. I have added the names for you to refer to according to your needs. It is the combination of the different modalities that have helped me reduce pains and aches, work through challenges and make space in mind and body. I hope this will help you find the right combination of therapists for you. All of the names below work differently, but with heart and care. What they do comes from their passion for the human body and it's capacity to heal. These are just a few of the great professionals in Montreal. But please feel free to ask around your friends and family if they have therapists they recommend and why.  After all word of mouth is the best tool to share our favorite resources. Spread the word spread the love. please note all can be found on google and social media. Numbers and websites to be uploaded shortly.

Find Yours

Acupuncture Ac.

Karl Natargiovanni
Caroline Nadeau, 
Julie Rivest
Marie Claude Langlais
Lydie Vachon
Sophie Levac
Genevieve Perron
Chantal Haeusler
Tanya Paris

Osteopathes D.O.

Emmanuel Bletton, Arteos
Marjorie Lauzon, Clinique Hickson Verdun
Francois Joly
Benoit Philippe, Pose Osteopathie, The et Sante
Stephanie Pedemay Pichette
Hugo Boivin 
Barbara Jean Denis, Clinique Hickson Verdun
Sophie Janssens  Clinique Hickson Verdun
Marie-Eve Pitre

Massage Therapists

Celine Guerin web: 514-659-6736 swedish, relaxation Verdun

Mariève McGee - Massothérapeute et Orthothérapeute ( Fascia, suedois, therapeutique  Laval

Sylvain Beauchamp Lymphatic drainage, at home, corporate, therapeutic, prenatal,

450-524-4931 Les coteaux , Montreal, South shore

Christos Giannou  deep tissue, swedish, lymphatic, prenatal

514-400-9001 Lachine

Emilie Theriault insta: @emimassotherapie swedish, prenatal, deep tissue 438-519-0456 South shore 

Sarah Gagne insta: @sgexperience web: facsia stretch, reactivate, cupping, deep tissue, corporate 514-677-3672 Verdun, Montreal

Laura Correa Barreto insta: @dra.laura.correa massage, osteopathy, energy work, thai yoga

Daina Kirkeby Girard deep tissue, posturology, kinesitherapy 514-515-4852 Saint-Lin-Laurentides

Kota Rook insta: @soulskin.bodywork  web: scar tissue work, swedish, fascia, lymphatic drainage bipoc-lgbtq Pointe St Charles, Montréal

Nana Sarah Geva multi disciplinary clinic massage osteo acupuncture Hochelaga area -lgbtq inclusive

Chamille Rodger- young insta:  lymphatic, swedish, fascia Montreal

Joanna Potter Cogan holistic therapies and various massage techniques, courses, workshops


Sami Mehanni Prana wellness web: massage, osteo, acupuncture

514-629-6589 West Island

Dominic Tambuzzo Ayurveda Montreal-ndg

Tony Eng    Cranio sacral and somato emotional release, visceral work  514-979-7706 Montreal

Katherine Bradner   Cranio Sacral West island
Karine Aubertin web: masso-kinesitherapie Terrebonne

Chloe Robertson 438-969-1802

Massage, meditation, breathwork, courses, retreats, coaching Montreal-plateau

Laurie Di Giulio sensorimotor retraining online education and consultations 

Marie-Eve Pitre Osteopathy - Massage 514-838-9097 St Etienne de bolton

Chiropractors ,la prairie
Patricia Ho, , westmount

Michel Dandurand

Steve Fitz, , verdun


Stephanie tardif
Denis normand
Reine Jo PM / Fitness Blainville

Michael Lapointe www.


Daniele Parr

Vicky Bachand
Christine Angelard
Anthony Borsellino
Charles Vaillancourt  Charles Vaillancourt (

Entraineur / Training

Emmanuel Houedakor La fitnesserie 
Eliza Moore

Hugh Codon
Donna Larocque Foster
Tara Simons special T coaching
Karine Nomad fitness
Reine Jo Pm fitness
Nicolas Raymond Chiasson
Charles Vaillancourt 
Steve Moratto
Roula fitness
Anthony Borsellino
Hamza Qureshi
Steve Moratto


Matt Phippen
Morpho Blu the old modo yoga studios with Sarah Galagher and crew
Modo yoga west island
Eliza Moore
Julie comeau
Chrissy papargeoupoulos, soul city yoga
Erin Chiarelli (life and business coach)
Nicole Jones Yoga
Andre Barsalou
Chloe Robertson

A few studios I appreciate in montreal are:


Katie Macintyre
Tripura app
Wim Hof
Dan Brule
James Nestor
Heart math institute
Cardiac coherence
Pranayama practices
Diaphragmatic breathing


Tapped in, tuned in , turned on your body and mind have the capacity of feeling fantastic. Contact professionals to help so that you have the power of choice over whatever life may throw at you. It starts here.

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