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About Me

Sara is a massage therapist and naturo therapist, with over 10 years experience, that accompanies the body and mind deeply into movement and flow to get some relief from pains and aches. Her work has a unique approach. She considers it more as a vocation for help towards therapeutic release on various levels to ensure deep lasting relaxation, conscious awareness and body mind integrity.

Sara helps people feel better in their bodies by tuning into their needs with a caring, comforting presence, safe space and intentional touch catering to each person. Releasing tensions, pains and aches towards improving our body, breath and mind mechanics so those great ideas, dreams and challenges can unlock and allow our creative flow to flourish, however that might translate. An unbiased helping hand is always a nice support.

Let yourself experience your body.

A Holistic Healer

I’ve been a massage therapist since 2011, helping patrons throughout montreal and surrounding area with pains and aches. My journey started in a spa to then realize that my vocation is to do deeper work and really encompass holistic healing. Having taken many trainings i have encompassed all my learnings into a take it as it comes approach.  Swedish massage, mobilizations, shiatsu, prenatal, neuro therapy, facsiatherapy, lymphatic drainage, myo fascial release, stretching classes, osteo classes and even a few years in acupuncture learning about traditional chinese medicine. I now understand why I intuitively worked the way i worked years ago but have the science and understanding to back it up. The body is comprised of many systems and none of them work alone. I have explored the connections between the body, mind, emotions and our inner workings through my own experiences and healing as well as the wisdom my clients always gift me with.  The essence of my work is to facilitate self-growth by helping you identify the core challenges and setbacks in your life, in your body and in your repeated patterns to guide you through your inner healing journey, so that you can overcome them with confidence. I offer my knowledge and experience to those that want resources, tools and techniques to achieve a more mindful awareness of their bodies and their reactions by creating personalized plans and space to guide you forward and achieve your desired goals of self actualization.
Professional association id number for insurance claims
ACTMD 10536-G-11 Massage therapist and Naturo therapist

Foggy Waters

My Approach


If you have ever come for a visit, you know that my goal is to give you tools and ressources that help explain sensations and situations so you understand what is going on in your body and heart in hopes of making enlightened choices and gain insight through your experience. The body is an incredible piece of machinery. So many systems and subsystems work together for us to stay balanced in body and mind. As we all learn differently, I use touch, movement,  visuals, videos, music, podcasts, embodied practices, mindfulness exercises, books, podcasts and many other references to make sure that you learn the best way for you to take the lead to your well being.


Sara started her journey as a massage therapist and through a string of studies and a willingness to contribute and commit to others well being she has developed into a health consultant. Consider this a getaway from your everyday. She helps you create space from within, easing into deep nourishing self care. Judgement, criticism and assumption free she offers guidance throughout the session to continue you on your personalized journey. She also offers guided meditations and conversation space as a naturo therapist through zoom or phone consultations.


As a guide i hold space for you to create space in your tissues where you have issues through zoom or a hands on approach while using mindfulness, breathwork, yoga nidra, meditation, visualisations, affirmations and the embodied practices that help bring to light the hidden treasures we hold within without even knowing it. With presence and awareness, discussions turn into discoveries that allow insight to clear the field of doubt that plagues our hearts. The consistent lifestyle habits that help you create a process to integrate and synthesize your individual insights to help with personal growth and advancement in figuring out those situations that subconsciously can keep you stuck. 

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