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Since starting my practice in 2011, I have seen and treated many that have transformed through time. Ten years later, I still feel blessed to be serving as best as I can. Here are a few testimonials to give you an idea of clients' perspective of the sessions we experience together.


R. Morrison,Pilot and Instructor

Thanks to the work we have done, I feel that loving, caring man being awakened again. There is not one person that I have crossed paths with, that can zoom into my weaknesses (mental and physical) and address them, other than you. Thank you.

B. Sbazo,Massage Therapist

Sara gives a holistic experience. Seeing her is not a simple massage, it's taking care of your body and soul. The experience starts with the interview and it gives her the necessary information to open channels on the body to a deeper healing process.

L. Robert,Nurse

Sara has been my family’s massage therapist for ten years. She is amazing at what she does. Whether it be a massage for relaxation or one to address a specific musculoskeletal issue, she adroitly adapts her technique to best suit the needs of her client.

O. Stoian, Project Manager

My experience with Sara has been truly transformative and positive. I feel seen, listened to and heard, as well as challenged to dig deeper into my core beliefs and behaviours, often. What separates Sara from other therapists or wellness coaches that I have previously worked with is her ability to hold space in a very vulnerable yet safe way — she succeeds in leading the conversation, while at the same time not overstepping into my own reflections and interpretations of experiences. I have had many A-Ha! moments during our talks — and that’s the best part of working with Sara: it doesn’t feel scary at all! It’s like a chat with a close friend. 🫶🏼 I always look forward to our next talk. I recommend Sara to anyone who wants to approach therapy in a more holistic way.

Shiri , Psychologist

After our session I feel a spaciousness in all my being, my way of moving in the world has shifted. You have helped me find a sense of safety within myself, through your welcoming space, your wise words, and your way of interacting with the body and the soul. Thank you for everything you do and for being who you are. 


My clients have always appreciated the way I can cater to their needs and navigate sessions that are suited to their direct concerns. Let’s talk and figure out how you can cultivate more clarity, consistency and balance. Book a free coaching call below. Limit of 1 free 45 min session per patron. Book below

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