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Helping Hand


Since starting my practice in 2011, I have seen and treated many that have transformed through time. Ten years later, I still feel blessed to be serving as best as I can. Here are a few testimonials to give you an idea of clients' perspective of the sessions we experience together.

Thanks to the work we have done, I feel that loving, caring man being awakened again. There is not one person that I have crossed paths with, that can zoom into my weaknesses (mental and physical) and address them, other than you. Thank you.

R. Morrison,

Pilot and Instructor

Sara gives a holistic experience. Seeing her is not a simple massage, it's taking care of your body and soul. The experience starts with the interview and it gives her the necessary information to open channels on the body to a deeper healing process.

B. Sbazo,

Massage Therapist

Sara has been my family’s massage therapist for ten years. She is amazing at what she does. Whether it be a massage for relaxation or one to address a specific musculoskeletal issue, she adroitly adapts her technique to best suit the needs of her client.

L. Robert,


My clients have always appreciated the way I can cater to their needs and set programs that are suited to them personally. Let’s talk and figure out together how we can bring your life to a healthier balance.

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