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Sessions Customized By You

Together, we determine and define what areas need attention and which elements can contribute to a better balanced lifestyle. Making place for healing space is one decision away

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A simple process to get you where you need to be


Through conversation and evaluation of your pains, needs, state of mind, we look to identify what we can apply for short and long term change so you can get back to living your ideal life. I am happy to hold space for release, conversation and body awareness so we can find where your needs are not being met.

Set Goals

Goals can be big or small, short term or long term, but you have to want something and know what it is to get it. We find adaptable approaches to help you start on your personal journey to a better you.


Through 10 years of studies, practice, experience and curiosity i have come to learn that there is no cookie cutter approach that works for everyone. Specially that we all learn very differently. I give you ressources, tools, reads, tips and tricks that are adaptable and approachable according to where you are at. When we educate ourselves, we allow for new perspective to settle in and our vision widens to what we truly seek to create with what we have at hand.


I am not one to run after patrons as the whole purpose of these sessions is to empower you to take inspired action through gentle guidance. However i am available to help tackle hurdles, answer any doubts, questions and follow up routines that can help you go where you are meant to be.

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Methods we Explore

Girl Relaxing

Grounding through breath

Morning Meditation

Resourcing your mind

Making space in oneself

Holding Hands

Reaching inner balance

Relaxing Massage
Enjoying Nature

Finding fitness and health equilibirum

Practicing Yoga

Discovering and activating the senses

Girl Relaxing


Breath is the mother of all energy, so they say in Traditional Chinese Medicine and ayurvedic practices. It is also the one therapy that no one can do for you, yet is free to practice as you please. Through educated guided practice you can dive deep in your inner world, help regulate your nervous system, increase circulation and ground your body and mind. I will be happy to guide you through the process as needed. 


Some meditations seem long and tedious, some seem boring, some are too much, some are too little, but there is surely a meditation that can help you get into a space of being that can in turn have major repercussions on your productivity, creativity, energy, clarity of mind, and maybe even find an answer or two hidden within. Combined with yoga nidra cues, some breathwork and embodied practice this can become your go to for resourcing.

Morning Meditation
Holding Hands

Emotional Healing

There has been thousands of research papers and books written on the connection between emotions and the body. However if we do not identify and allow to feel the emotion, to question what it's telling us, we often get stuck and end up ruminating. Sometimes those blows show up physically and create an onslew of unwanted issues. Emotional healing is energy in motion and starts with the body coming back online.


Finding relief from pains, aches and discomforts can be frustrating. Specially when we don't know what we don't know. It can imply physical, structural, emotional or psycho somatic components that need guidance, release or manipulation, involving a mix of modalities practices and treatments. Therapy isn't always linear, nor is one modality the best for everyone. Being aware of the complexity of the body and it's requirements Sara is happy to refer out to other therapists and specialists when necessary. She will always refer to professionals she has tried and tested throughout her years in the health industry.

Relaxing Massage
Enjoying Nature

Lifestyle Habits

We all know that the best doctors in life are love, sun, fresh air, whole foods, movement, sleep / rest, nature, water and consistency in those things that feed and resource the many layers of our well being. Together we look into what aspects we can add / improve and perhaps adapt for better longer lasting lifestyle change.

Body Awareness

The body is so resilient and adaptable, but often can heal itself with the right information and care. We delve into different approaches to give you back power over how and what your body best responds to. But the true work comes from consistent practice, even just a few precious minutes a day of self care can help create a world of difference.
Your vital energy and body awareness will translate in every exchange you have on a daily basis, with yourself and others. Sometimes its a matter of getting things aligned..

Practicing Yoga
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