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Healing for Iran Montreal initiative

Healing for Iran initiative was born from a personal desire to share my grounding practices with my fellow Iranian compatriots. The women led Iranian revolution that was started with the death of Mahsa Amini has been going on for well over 3 months now with immeasurable losses and heart breaking moments. Fighting to make the Iranian diasporas voice stronger and louder with hope and a goal to bring about a much needed change to the reality of Iranians living in this unfortunately governed country.

This has naturally affected many peoples well being and quality of life, showing up as a form of anxiety, dread, fear, to sleepless nights, constant worry, confusion, frustration, disbelief and anger. These mixed emotions and witnessing of the brutality happening not only in Iran but in Afghanistan, Armenia, Ukraine, Haiti and the injustices have had a very high cost in quality of life, belief in humanity, trust and security on so many that it has become a collective trauma.

To be able to cope with these fluctuations and the high power and energy cost it has on our minds it is essential to have practices that can support our mental and physical health, specially as no system in our body and being ever works alone.

And so I decided to offer massages at a discounted rate for 10 people of the Iranian community per month. From what I know, the current general culture amongst Iranians lacks the expression of physical touch, self exploration and expression due to a repressive government and secular belief system that have left scars. However many are simply unfamiliar of the well being and releasethat one can get from professional body work, guided meditations, breathwork, yoga, music, cooking or even respectful open unbiased authentic conversations. Hence I have reached out to a few therapist colleagues in honor of having them join me in offering professional massage or services at a reduced rate for the Iranian diaspora. . If you are one of those wonderful people that would like to offer a small helping hand to the community, please get in touch and I will add your name to the list below.

On another note this inspired the introduction of some of these practices to the community members that would be interested to practice with like minded individuals looking to ground and find some kind of connection, easing and helping the pain through embodied practice and arts. We have the capacity to help our nervous system manage all of the ups and downs that makes us so resilient and patient.

As a result a pilot project offering a meditation and yoga event led by Farnaz Mamizadeh was held at Morpho Yoga Studio in NDG in November. We had a wonderful response from the community. Following the positive feedback and results of that event we have decided to continue this year with a series of events. Hence, one 2 hour workshop event every 3 or 4 weeks we will be offering designated Sundays to gather for practice. The workshops practices involve a mix and array of embodiment practices, guided meditations, breathwork, yoga, self- massage, singing, music, dancing, cooking and arts through poetry and painting . This is completely volunteer based, free and is to offer the opportunity for people of the Iranian diaspora free activities that help recenter mind and body in a safe space while learning tools to regulate the nervous system. Tea and cookies will be provided for a moment of integration after the activities, your evening will be done by 8pm. If you have any interest in hosting an event, participating in an event, or have a great idea you would like to share, please contact me through the contact page or through social media.

In the hopes of providing a space and moment to regroup, recenter and resource to keep fighting the good fight to live free and at peace. All we need is you, your yoga mat, your water bottle and your willingness to be present.

Tickets will always be on Eventbrite, and free, however there is a limited number of space in each studio tbd. Thank you for understanding.

Please arrive a few minutes early as to start on time.

The next events are from 6 to 8:

Jan 29th for meditation and Yoga with Eliza Moore at La fitnesserie

Feb 19th for Music and Meditation with Farnaz Mamizadeh at 6pm location TBD

March 19th for Breathing in the new year TBD

April 9th TBD

April 30th TBD

May 21st TBD

June 18th TBD

As for the massage therapists and other services that are available at discounted rates in cooperation with the initiative I will keep a list updated here.

Thank you kindly for taking the time to read, comment and reach out.

Stay blessed

Stay Strong

Stay Courageous

Stay Curious

Stay Grateful

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