Sara Sessions

With a combination of technical skills, science backed methods, and an intuitive flair, you can feel her genuine care for the well being of others with a gentle but firm touch.


the sara session experience

Sara helps people feel better in their bodies by tuning into their needs with a caring, comforting presence, safe space and intentional touch. Releasing tensions, pains and aches towards improving our body, breath and mind mechanics so those great ideas, dreams and challenges can unlock and allow our creative flow to flourish, however that might translate. An unbiased helping hand is always a nice support.

Massage benefits

Let yourself experience your body

Inner Balance

Massage can be a powerful tool for connecting mind and body through the various interconnected systems of the body. We are not considered a collection of the different parts of the body, but a connected whole of the bodies ability to find homeostatis (equilibrium) through an intricate balance of its parts.

Holistic approach

A mix of modalities are accompanied to integrate holistic approaches to your daily lifestyle to manage the relationship between pain, and body awareness.


Grounding is cultivated by activating the senses through the earth and its offerings while stimulating exteroception, mechano-reception, proprioception and interoception to integrate functional balance back to the body and mind. Grounding occurs as a result of finding that piece that is missing in the system to bring peace and balance.


Massage is only one part of the treatment and involves connecting small daily manageable habits, ideas and practices that promote mindful healthy living to a sustainable lifestyle, one step at a time.

Fitness and Health

Life is always better with a little more flow, striving for functional movement in daily lifestyles that can help balance out antalgic postures from repetitive movements and challenging stagnant range of motion.

Pain management

Accute or Chronic pain can be triggered by multiple stressors, from repetitive motion, to physical injuries to bio-psycho social stressors that trigger psycho somatic learned pain. Body work, breathwork, meditation, visualization and education can help manage, understand and demistify some of these pains so the proper professional can be consulted if need be.

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What patrons say

Thanks to the work we have done, I feel that loving, caring man being awakened again. There is not one person that I have crossed paths with, that can zoom into my weaknesses (mental and physical) and address them, other than you. Thank you.

R. Morrison, Pilot and instructor

Sara has been my family,s massotherapist for ten years. she is an amazing competent and generous therapist who takes to heart the well being of her clients. Whether it be a massage for relaxation or one to address a specific muskoloskeletal issue, she adroitly adapts her technique to best suit the needs of her client. I’ve been heard describing her expert hands to that of heat seeking missiles which home in onto the area requiring attention to skillfully treat it. We are grateful that Sara is our masso.

L. Robert , nurse

Sara gives a holistic experience. Seeing her is not a simple massage, it’s taking care of your body and soul. The experience starts with the interview and it gives her the necessary information to open channels on the body to a deeper healing process.

It is a transformation treatment, confronting at times, but definitely healing.

Bettina Sbazo, massage therapist



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