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Arts & Somatics

Life goes by so quickly, so many things happen.

The first edition of a pilot project i had in mind was brought to fruition march last year during a time i was packing and getting ready to move a few days later, all while completing my coaching program at Concordia University. After a previous cozy music event where i had hosted Pooria Pournazeri, inviting people through event-brite, a new, now unused, instagram profile and word of mouth to gather and appreciate the beauty of how sound can heal, @nasteeezy came up to me and asked about all the art gear i had lying in the corner. You know one of those things that you push back for the eventuality you make time for if its in view.

We had a chat over tea of what we could co create. Inviting random people to join us in somatic practice shedding some unknown stuck gunk, have tea, mingle and express what we just experienced through an art workshop led by @thamarrstarmand was what this created: Arts &Somatics with @norulesnowruz being at the base of this co creation.

How marvelous to have people of different seasons of life gather in creative exploration and play. We can all use a little more of both exploration and play in our lives and what better way to meet wonderful soul adventurers, some willing to gently get out of their comfort zone, others welcoming all the unexplored. The interest and appreciation of people blew me away considering i had not marketed it much. This was completely volunteer based and still is. We all truly believe in the power of healing through community and using the many blessings of life like music, art, dance, movement, breath as a means of expression and growth. As a true Persian i believe in offering a little something extra to feed the body as much as the event feeds our souls given availability of offerings, time and space. Last year I gifted a modest platter of offerings to thank my new guests with tea and biscuits.

This year we decided to find a venue, as I have moved and decided to explore the event @batiment7 hoping for peoples good will to give something different, or not, a try. There will be a little break for tea and a refreshment. Guaranteed to add a little extra joy in your day. although you need no experience in movement or arts, as you will be guided, all of your experience is welcome in creating a safe mutually respectful space for everyone to enjoy. Meanwhile we strongly suggest to bring your water bottle, yoga mat, a cup for tea, a great attitude and desire and will to explore ways to renew your mind, body and soul with some mindful gentle somatic practices and a renewed sense of the power and creation that is stored in you. This might be a one off thing for you or perhaps it might spark a light within you to try, think,act or feel differently. It has been a blessing to meet such wonderful souls and still be co-creating with some of those that used to be guests. Comfy clothes are a plus. Manners are always indispensable in adding to a great experience for everyone.

Thamarr, Nasseem and I are looking forward to hosting you and your friends for some fun

Nasseem, Thamarr and I happy of how our first event was a success in inspiring and allowing self discovery of each person present

Sign up below, share and follow these instagram pages for future events.

A big thanks for all the patience, understanding and support i received from everyone near and far

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