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Mindful shopping, gift giving overwhelm

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

As we enter gift giving season and a wild ride of jacked up prices for more stuff, it is important that we keep focused on the intention of our purchases. It's easy to lose focus while everyone and their grandparents is selling something, and the information comes in from every nook and cranny. If you feel overwhelmed from all the stuff media pushes as needs, necessities and desires, perhaps it's time you took a minute to really sit and write down what is the emotion, thought or intention you want to convey to the wonderful people in your life. To increase the clarity of your mind and heart with a moment of meditative writing can help you save money and time, decrease gift giving anxiety, invest in local business and offer something that will touch their hearts. Everybody loves gifts with purpose and intention, with heart and soul. You can donate to a foundation or campaign that you hold close to heart offered in the name of your loved one, or maybe its that local entrepreneur that has great services or products and chose to offer part of what lights them up to feed their families. Recreating moments of presence, memories, or noticing their interests and passions can mean that you encourage them with something that keeps lighting their heart. Maybe its a home made gift of food, decor or sharing an experience that you both hold dearly. Our world has changed from virus', wars, technological and scientific advancement and connections seem different. Often when i go out i notice many at the same table on their phones engulfed by whatever else is more interesting and important than this moment right here. No wonder attention deficit has increased. We are a thousand places at the same time and expect to have great experiences in every time spaced moment while we are not fully involved or engaged in either, getting fragments of our mind scattered, like open tabs on your browsers.

All this to say our conscious presence in our everyday choices have changed and we have the responsibiity to ourselves and others to relearn to give the gifts that are the most touching and nurturing in creating intimate connections and shared moments. In warming someone's heart everytime they use it with a smile. In todays world with all the atrocities that are rising from all corners of the world, we need these magical intangible gifts the most. These are of true presence, interest and curiosity, listening and sharing, laughing, creating moments, bonds, helping each other grow, heal, lift up and them some... by raising the vibrations between us in meaningful curiously new ways we can create a gift that keeps on giving through the persons that we are becoming. May you go in your gift giving journey with the intention of offering and creating something of true richness, a piece of you that meets a piece of them.

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