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Updated: Nov 7, 2023

There are many ways we have found to cope with our struggles and the constant running we do. Exercise, entertainment, meditation, movement, creation, and good food. Our minds need nutrition as well, not only in learning but in experiencing life through stories, through exchanges, by learning from and through others. This is how we explore our boundaries, beliefs and emotions. This is how we learn to manage our emotio

nal intelligence, what we like, what we don"t, what triggers us, what supports us, what we need to work on and accept, process and integrate in order to grow. We have the capacity to build the reality we desire and need to strive. Curiosity is the essence of our growth.

They say every person you meet has the capacity of adding to your life, if you truly listen and tune in with intention and curiosity. Remember the last time someone truly heard you and made you feel their full presence? Go ahead feel it.

How is that different from someone that comes and stirs something within you, or projects their insecurities and fears onto you? It is our choice to respond accordingly or react without thought. To question whether our boundaries or our values are being tested creates an opportunity for introspection and change, which translates to evolution. Thats where we learn more about ourselves, detach from owning and titling the situation and gently process and move on with new insight. The beauty of this process is that there is a direct correlation to the healing aspect of the self, from finding trust within oneself again by being heard and seen (by ourselves and others) and as a result brings the best out of us and everyone that surrounds us.

We heal in relationships, which means isolating oneself for much longer than a few days or weeks to digest the situation can in turn be counter productive to us processing and advancing with new perspective. One of my favorite ways to ground and recenter is to take my long daily mindful walk. Sometimes choosing to listen to the sounds of children playing in the park with the seagulls cawing in the background and the river flowing is all that i need to remind myself of the many blessings that surround us. It allows for perspective or space for thought and contemplation. It allows for evaluation of the gravity or the situation or podcasts that I find interesting, inspiring or filled with great sience based facts that pursue a way to get to the best of ourselves. So much so that it inspired me to share some of my experiences, conversations and stories with you by creating one of my own.

I am blessed to meet many people on my path that share incredible stories. Some of which i get to record and share with you. So far I've had Anne Marie Denault, the founder of Tripura breath application (, a successful executive coach and mentor with big plans (, a world traveler dr. that left her country in pursuit of adventure, another that moved across the seas to become a freedive instructor and how again breath is the basis of our well being( Ninja Reith), a documentary specialist for marine life and her take on documentaries (Kaelyn Maehara), a waste water engineer from South-Africa and her take on environmental issues (Maaike Mcintyre), and a waitress turned into ocean journalist that followed her heart and find fulfillment in what excites her everyday (Nicole Webster)...

Take a moment, a few deep breaths, and choose to do something for you today. And if that happens to be to listen to one of the episodes while taking a nice walk, let me know how you found it.

Please be patient with me as am in the beginning stages and have not yet figured out how to clean the background noise, but that will soon be an issue of the past. Thank you for your continued support and patience during this time of transition. Meanwhile enjoy the episodes, take a walk, meditate, do some painting or word work, get some movement in or just give yourself space and time to just be. See how hard or easy it is for you.


With love and light


I introduce you to Sara sessions podcast. A series of conversations, interviews, stories and thought provoking topics about life and all it entails. Various friends, colleagues and interesting gems that sit with me and have soulful, heartfelt healing and inspiring conversations.

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