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When work is a vocation, it’s called play


Sara is a massage therapist and naturo therapist with 10

years experience that accompanies the body and mind deeply into movement and flow

to get some relief from pains and aches. Her work

has a unique approach. She considers it more as a vocation for help towards therapeutic release on

various levels to ensure deep lasting relaxation, conscious awareness and body mind integrity.


You are welcomed in a warm setting in her home office. Consider this a getaway from your everyday. She helps you create space from within, easing into deep nourishing self care. Judgement, criticism and assumption free she offers guidance throughout the session to continue you on your personalized journey. She also offers guided meditations and conversation space as a naturo therapist through zoom or phone consultations.


Whenever you feel the need for resourcing she is happy to receive you. Scheduling an appointment, you should consider 30 extra minutes

aside from the massage time to settle in and slowly ease out of the treatment

session. If you desire to have time to delve deeper to identify blockages that might be on your path she is happy to provide presential, phone or zoom consultations according to your needs. Her flexibility allows you to schedule according to your availability.

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Finding relief from pains, aches and discomforts can be frustrating. Specially when we don’t know what we don’t know. It can imply physical, structural, emotional or psycho somatic components that need guidance, release or manipulation, involving a mix of modalities practices and treatments. Therapy isn’t always linear, nor is one modality the best for everyone.

Being aware of the complexity of the body and it’s requirements Sara is happy to refer out to other therapists and specialists when necessary. She will always refer to professionals she has tried and tested throughout her years in the health industry.

her tools and knowledge allow her to help you find what works for you. Take an appointment with Sara to allow yourself to feel freedom of movement in

your body with her holistic bodywork approach. Reconnect to your inner being and reclaim your sensations through a combination of personalized conversations, meditation, breathwork and proprioceptive practices . Find ground to decipher the messages through conscious awareness and

inner exploration of your perceptions as a guide for your unique journey.


By combining continuous learning through curiosity, embodiment

modalities, breathwork, mindfulness, meditation and movement we learn to trust our body

while learning to move according to the limitations of the messages sent by the

tissues to the brain. The different systems and layers of our many bodies help guide the session for a personalized approach. Undertaking the body and mind’s mechanisms holistically, Sara

wishes to help guide space creation for introspective opportunities through

touch, talk and the senses as we travel through the body’s universe.

Sara helps spark transformation through bodywork, breathwork, meditation,

movement and mindfulness bringing us back to our essence. Considered a senior

massage therapist and a naturo therapist able to give receipts for your

insurances. Some seek her help for a

massage, some seek her guidance for an experience of release sparking

transformation. Her mission is to hold space, for you to explore your inner

workings with curiosity. With a combination of technical skills and intuitive flair, you

can feel her genuine care for the well being of others with a gentle but firm

touch. Her unique mix of approaches to bodywork, which include working

the nervous system through cranio-sacral therapy, fascia therapy, acupressure, working the tissues with swedish, deep tissue, lymphatic resets (Dr Nickelston: Stop chasing pain) and other massage modalities, combined with active mindfulness and grounding meditations will

guide you in a safe and caring environment to attain insight and a new set of

skills to self-nourish and start a self care practice if need be. Her holistic way to create a deeper sense of connection to oneself helps create ease of communication with others. Her recommendations help gain habits to implement a healthier approach to a more balanced lifestyle. Conscious presence to the

awareness of our body gives us a better understanding of causes of our dis-ease. And ultimately if we understand what and why we feel what we feel and feel better we are able to set practices to help us respond better to our external world.

Her inspiration often come from the principles of nature’s elements correlated to the body through traditional chinese medicine. Her insights and lessons from life experiences, constant research and thirst for new up to date information, tools and resources as well as her constant curiosity to find the next class that will make her understand how to better assist you with ease and peace of mind. Her personal journey to demistify her own pains and aches have given her a self taught edge that is unique to her.

Sara helps people feel better in their bodies by tuning into their needs with a caring comforting

presence, space and touch. Releasing tensions, pains and aches towards

improving our body and mind mechanics so those great ideas, dreams and

challenges can unlock and allow our creative flow to flourish, however that

might translate.

An unbiased helping hand is always a nice support.

French – Massothérapeute

Saranaz a un baccalaureat en arts avce un specialisation en

recreologie. Apres avoir garder plusieurs postes en ventes services et

administration elle a retrouver chemin vers les sciences de l’art du toucher. Elle

a commencé son parcours dans le monde de la sante complémentaire il y a 10

ans. Elle a suivi des formations de Reiki, de massages : suédois,

femmes enceintes, Tui Na, Fascisatherapie,

drainage lymphatique; traitements par

ventouses, en plus de s’initier à la médecine traditionnelle chinoise. L’introduction aux différentes méthodes de traitements tel le «

Adaptive Bodywork » et la neuro thérapie, le drainage lymphatique de Stop Chasing

pain et la nature des elements en Medecine traditional chinois ont été parmis

les philosophies essentielles pour faire le pont entre les différentes visions et principes

du corps. Ainsi certain de ces systems combinee cree une approche holistique

avec reference a d’autres professional au besoin pour aider la personne ou elle est. Autodidacte, elle introduit de nouvelles techniques et outils dans

ses traitements ainsi que dans ses relations pour de meilleurs résultats.

Saranaz complète ses traitements, au besoin, par un travail énergétique et/ou

un massage articulaire réalisé par des mouvements de grande amplitude. Saranaz s’implique dans son travail avec attention et amour. Véritable passionnée, elle cherche à

comprendre la cause primaire des tensions corporelles, en prenant en compte la

musculature, les émotions et de l’état d’ esprit de ses patients selon la philosophie des 7 corps. Avec une approche intuitive

et holistique, elle reconnaît et traite la totalité du corps, comme le

formidable système unifié qu’il est. Attentive au non-verbal, elle est d’une grande écoute, mettant ses patients en confiance. Elle met l’accent sur la respiration, utilise la meditation et accompagne

chaque personne à constater leur parcours de santé, tant intérieur

qu’extérieur. Elle propose des outils et une routine, accessibles à tous, pour

implanter de saines habitudes de vie. Elle n’hésite pas à référer ses clients à d’autres thérapeutes

pour une guérison complémentaire lorsqu’elle le juge nécessaire. Une séance peut être complètement différente d’une autre car elle

s’adapte aux besoins individuels de ses clients et de leurs douleurs. Son

travail est parfois confrontant, mais toujours guérisseur.

Inspired by nature

Holistic approach

All ages and levels


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